Q&A: What is perceptron coefficient in neural network?

Question by pinku_27babypink: What is perceptron coefficient in neural network?

The aim of my project is to transfer compressed text data over internet and recover the data losslessly at the receiving end using ANN predictors.
Text: Neural networkASCII value of Text: 78,101,117,114,97,108,32,110,101,116,119,111,114,107First number:78
Residues: 23(101-78), 16(117-101),-3,-17, 76,-76, 78,-9, 15, 3,-8, 3,-7
Now i have to train the neural network to predict residue value.so for example if we take first 12 residue values the ANN has to predict the next, that is, 13th residue value.
Once residues are recollected along with the first original number, predictor coefficients will be used to generate the original data series. Using the predictor coefficients an ANN identical to the ANN at the source is created.I want to know how should the input be given to the neural network and how it will predict the next value in the residue series?How can we create an identical ANN at the receiver’s end using perceptron coefficient, that can generate the same series of residue?

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Answer by kae_verens
the “coefficient” in a neural network refers to a value which is used to determine how important a certain input is to a node.

In other words, the coefficients help determine whether a certain input value is considered important to the node or not.

If the coefficient is strong (very far for 0, positively or negatively), then the input is considered to be very important to that node.

There is one coefficient for every input.

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